Well its a shame we didn’t take some before pictures of these alloy wheels.

These were in extremely poor condition with corrosion and flakey paint.

By lightly glass blast cleaning them, they are now in the perfect condition and texture to apply new coatings. With a slight profile to the aluminum, this will allow the new  coatings to bond extremely well.

We lightly blast cleaned this Rib to remove the antifouling ready for a new paint application.
By using our blast cleaning method, not only does it remove the antifoul but gives the perfect abrasion for the coatings to bond to.
The results were outstanding and another happy customer for K Blasting.

Wooden Bench Renovation – 30/7/21

This week  we decided to try some light blast cleaning tests on different wooden items we had in the yard to find out what would give great results and what wouldn’t.

We were extremely happy with how this old bench cleaned up. By blast cleaning the wood lightly really has brought the bench back to life ready to be used again.

Todays customer at Dolphin Haven needed his keel blast cleaned back to bare steel. This keel had already been blast cleaned and fresh water washed and is now in need of a quick sweep blast ready for the high build epoxy coatings to be applied. This process of blast clean, wash, blast clean again, ensures there are no salts trapped in the steel before the coatings are applied. Only the best preparation can be expected by K Blasting Ltd.



The keel has been sheeted well to prevent the used grit and debris drifting around the boat yard.


The keel is in a sorry rusty state ready to be blast cleaned back to bare metal.


And after K Blasting has worked their magic, the keel is now ready to be coated with a marine grade epoxy primer.

Last week, K Blasting and the team were catching up with some smaller “In house” jobs. This consisted of garden furniture, gates and railings, vintage tractor parts and vintage car parts.

All these items required the usual blast cleaning to remove the old coatings and corrosion ready for new coatings. More happy customers for K Blasting.





Some typical furniture that had been brought into K Blasting to be Blast cleaned to remove the rust and paint ready for some new coatings.

After being blast cleaned, this furniture has been etch primed and top coated with white gloss, for an amazing finish ready for the garden.

This anchor was brought to us in desperate need of some TLC to take pride of place as a garden ornament.



After the anchor had been blast cleaned to remove the old paint and rust, we then primed the anchor ready for the customer to apply their own paint system.

These vintage tractor parts are a small peace of someone’s restoration project needing to be blast cleaned and painted ready for reassembly for the new rally season.

After these vintage tractor parts had been blast cleaned, they were ready for a good coat of primer.

These old spoked wheels were extremely rusty and needed sprucing up ready to be refitted onto an old classic. Great results!!!

Last week K Blasting had a trip to Polruin in Cornwall, the team at were given the task to blast clean and hot zinc spray a new fishing vessel, Loch Inchard 3,

This large 19 meter trawler has recently been built at C.Toms boat yard and is finally ready to receive her coatings  for a long hard life at sea.

By Blast cleaning the steel first, this gives a perfect surface profile for the molten zinc spray to adhere to. This process is known as hot zinc spraying. This type of coating has the same longevity as hot dip galvanizing but allows you to protect items that are too large to dip into a tank of molten zinc. After K Blasting has finished the protective coatings, the painters will apply her colour scheme and waterline markings.

Stood along side this magnificent vessel on the quay side wall was certainly overwhelming. K Blasting managed to blast clean and hot zinc spray the entire outside of the boat from the water line up and the rear working area in just under a week. We were all proud of our progress and were complimented by the boat yard on how quickly and efficiently we completed the job.

The Red primer being blast cleaned

The Red primer being blast cleaned off (red to dark grey)

The bare steel being hot zinc sprayed (dark grey to light grey)

The blast cleaned steel being hot zinc sprayed (dark grey to light silver)

On Friday, K Blasting had a successful day working with the team at Brixham Battery. The Vintage gun has now been moved to the prime position at the front of the Battery. It was in desperate need of some TLC to bring it back to its former glory. By removing the paint and the rust for the Brixham Battery Team, they now have the best chance for a long lasting paint application.





Blast cleaning gave this new oak frame extension some amazing results. The darkest of stains in the wood were cleaned out making a great uniform finish, Ready for the painters and decorators to now finish the room.

The pictures speak for them selves!!



We have recently completed the blast cleaning on some stone walling in Dartmouth to expose the original stone.

The blast cleaning created great results for the customer and to help the stone walling to breath to prevent damp.





K Blasting succesfully completed the blast cleaning and painting of this new lorry body ready to go to work.