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Blast cleaning is the best method for restoring:-
Gates, railings, cast iron gutters and down pipes, garden furniture & garden ornaments.
Blast cleaning will carefully remove all rust, corrosion damage, old paint and dirt leaving the ideal surface to take a new paint system.

Are you fed up with painting the steel gates every year, only to see rust reappear after a few weeks? Let K Blasting collect and blast clean to remove all rust. Then we will coat using hot metal zinc spray as the foundation coat, followed by etch primer, then a top coat in a colour of your choice. We will then return your gates ready to be re-hung. This process holds rust at bay for many years and is more cost effective than regular painting.

We can treat many garden items such as furniture, metal ornaments, cast iron gutters and down pipes using blast cleaning.
This system is an easier and safer alternative to labour intensive paint stripping methods such as manual sanding, grinding, scraping, wire brushing, chemical cleaning and acid etching.

Even complicated shapes and sensitive materials can be efficiently cleaned without damage to delicate surfaces.

With our blast equipment we can achieve that essential high quality finish that makes your products stand out from the crowd.

We offer a complete blast cleaning and paint coating service for gates, railings, cast iron gutter & down pipes etc, as well as all other type of architectural metalwork. Our facilities are suited for large or small items.
Our services cater for new metal work as well as for the restoration of existing items. We can repaint any metal work to a high quality finish, leaving your items looking virtually brand new.



Some of the many items include:

  • Gates
  • Railing
  • Garden furniture
  • Garden ornaments
  • Internal and external wooden furniture
  • Fire surrounds
  • Cars
  • Wheels
  • Motor bikes
  • Push bikes
  • Trailers