So far this week, K Blasting has completed more satisfying work with great results.
The pictures say it all. AND THE WEEK ISNT EVEN OVER!
Smiles all round 😁😁
Come rain or shine, K Blasting still commences with work….. ☔️
On this rainy, dark morning, we have been working in Blackness Marina, Ditisham, to remove the black anti-fowling from an aluminium motor boat.
The results were brilliant.
Not only has the blast cleaning removed the anti-fowling, it has also given the aluminum the perfect profile for new coatings to adhere to.
Another happy customer
A successful day at K Blasting, and another happy customer! 🤩😁
Today’s Oak frame has cleaned exceptionally well, Due to being erected and kept dry for a good amount of time, before the blast cleaning.
Using a fine blast media and low pressure, the dirty oak beams have cleaned uniformly to give a great finish for this extension.

Stone cleaning at “The Cromwell Arms” went as well as normal for K Blasting.

With the correct preparation and the knowledge with different blast medias and pressures, Blast cleaning can give the ultimate results for brightening up old stone walls back to their former glory.

K blasting has another happy customer. We will look forward to returning for a well deserved beer when their restoration is complete.


Before……                                        After                                                 Before…….                                      After                                                 Before…….                                       After

Last week was exceptionally busy for K Blasting.

It was a pleasure helping “Offshore Turbine Services” to remove the antifouling from two of their mighty Catamaran vessels, carried out in Dolphin Boat yard, Galmpton.

With using the correct blast media and pressure, blast cleaning will gently remove the antifouling, leaving the Gel coat intact.

“Captain P” & “Lieutenant P” are now ready for some repairs and new coatings thanks to our Knowledge and services.



K Blasting was called in for some finishing touches to completed a Barn restoration in Chagford, Devon.

With K Blasting’s knowledge with what pressure and blast media to use, we could gently restore the faces of the stone back to their former glory.

The site manger and ourselves were please with the outstanding results. this finishing process complements their exceptional work of the barn conversion.

Another happy customer.

Before the blast cleaning, this patch of walling had white paint and black bitumen paint that needed removing

After the blast cleansing, the wall is ready for some repointing for the finishing touches.


Blast Cleaning is an excellent way to remove the old paint and corrosion from that old set of furniture that no one wants to restore. With this method, any old furniture can be made to look like new after the blast cleaning process followed by some hardy coatings.

By blast cleaning the furniture before painting, not only does this remove all the existing paint and corrosion. This also gives the metal an excellent profile for paints to stick to. This process would not have been carried when the furniture was new and why so many coatings fail so quickly.

Another happy customer for K Blasting

This week we have given this Manitou some TLC.

This has been a hard working little machine which has still been extremely reliable for the customer.

Before the customer brought the machine to us, it was rusty and unloved and with some help from

K Blasting, it is ready to look the part again on any building site.


K Blasting has carried out the correct protection and masking not to cause any damage.

We have lightly blast cleaned, supplied and applied a two pack primer and supplied and applied the two tone paint system, correct for Manitou colours.

Another happy customer.



Last week we had some excellent results of removing the Red antiflow from from this Cornish Crabber.

By using a fine grade of  media and light pressure, we can remove the antiflow and leave the original green Gel coat intact. This would then be ready to apply its new coatings.

The only places the gel coat will be effected is if the boat has got osmosis. 


A successful day removing the whitewash from the ceilings and beams in a new art studio undergoing a lot of work in Plymouth. 

Using the correct grit, pressure and knowledge,  you can lightly remove the paint with minimal damage the the wood.

Both ourselves and the customer were extremally happy with the results.

Whilst on site we also did a sample on the brick pillars inside, which from the results, it wasn’t a surprise that we have been asked to make a return visit to remove the paint off these as well.