Motor & Vintage Vehicles

Surface Preparation

Our large in-house blast room enables us to carry out shell preparation successfully.
We have found blast cleaning provides an economical solution for the surface preparation in readiness for restoration.

Steel Wheels, Spoked and Alloy Wheels

Steel wheels can be blasted in readiness for new coatings. Spoked wheels can also be carefully blasted in our dedicated blast bay leaving the perfect surface to re coat without any damage to the spokes.
Flaking and crusty lacquer along with corrosion damage can be removed from all types of alloy wheels. If there was no corrosion damage, blasting leaves the surface ideal for re-polishing.
An etch primer can be applied to the alloy wheels if required.
If required, refurbishment of wheels can be carried out with tyres still on, providing a cheaper option with no damage occurring to tyres.

Chassis can be cleaned, even in the hard-to-get-at corners, removing all rust and old paint. Application of our quality two pack epoxy primer will help to ensure a long corrosion free life to this hard-to-get-at part.
We have successfully lightly blasted many engines and gearboxes with out the need to totally strip these items. Following careful masking and wrapping, blasting can be carried out without harm to the unit.

Fine and non-ferrous blast media is especially important when working on light metals and alloys such as aluminium or on composites such as glass fibre or carbon laminate.

Vintage Vehicles

If you have a vintage vehicle and you're getting ready to restore it back to showroom condition, our experienced team are trained to use the correct media to blast away the rust & old paint without warping or otherwise harming the underlying surfaces.
Many car and motorcycle components can be effectively cleaned using bead blasting or fine glass blasting; this method is useful when restoring older items that need to retain their original attributes.
Any rust or corroded areas we would clean with a harder and sharper abrasive (but at a low pressure to remove rust and paint coating leaving a clean finish for re coating).

Some interesting items and exotic cars have passed through our workshop, for paint blast cleaning.

Vehicles we have worked on are:-
Astin Martin, Jaguars, MGB, Morris, Rover, Triumph,
Tractors, Military Vehicles, Motor Bikes
Many more vehicles of all ages and types have been professionally cleaned to a high standard ready for priming and top coating.

Preening systems can deliver a predictable intensity with consistent, repeatable results to your specification. This method is used for preening cylinder heads.

Optionally we can then apply Zinc Spray.

Zinc spraying can achieve the same level of rust protection as galvanising. Zinc spraying is excellent for untreated steel; it is fast drying with good filling properties. Zinc spraying coupled with a correct paint system can protect a surface from corrosion for 20 years plus.

This process is often specified in preference to galvanising for its ease of application without the need for drilling drain or vent holes and avoiding the risk of distortion, especially important on intricate work.

Hot metal zinc spray is heat resistant to 350ÂșC, spot-weld able, resistant to petrol, chemicals and weather influences.

Process of Zinc Spraying

Metal spraying is used to coat ferrous (steel) metals, with an anti corrosion coat of zinc or aluminium.
Surfaces are first blast cleaned to remove all corrosion and give the correct profile before metal spaying.
The zinc wire is passed through a zinc pistol with oxygen and propane to atomise the wire and spray it onto the item to protect it.
This solidifies immediately leaving the resilient surface which can stand up to all weathers.
Spray Painting Half Track
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